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Freedive Station - Freedive Station

Freedive Station

Freedive station is website that will give you the best of the freediving world has to offer. Here you can find detailed information on how to train freediving, where in the world to train and which methods to use to hold your breath longer, dive deeper, safer and enjoy more.

Stories, places, tricks, spots, techniques. Its all here…

Not so long time ago freedivers did not know anything about techniques, safety or training. They just dived in a way they thought was good and safe. And trained in a way they thought would give them some progress. Thanks to a lot of pioneers, instructors around the world and the power of the internet, we all now know much more about techniques, training, progress and suitable equipment and safety devices.

How to hold your breath

Freediving is still a new sport, but much knowledge has been gathered especially the last 20 years since the birth of AIDA. And even today (right now!) new techniques, new equipment, new methods are beeing tested by freedivers all over the world. When somebody discovers something that seems to work, he/she might share it to other freedivers, then maybe some doctors will try to test it and  rapidly the level of knowledge in the world of freediving increases through the internet and other sources.