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Keep a freedive training diary

One of the best advices I have if you want to progress is very simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is to keep a logbook. Nothing fancy – just a piece of paper where you keep track of everything. Its so much easier see patterns, remember important details, see progress and “the big picture” if you keep a logbook. Especially if you want to discuss your progression and training with someone else.

Remember to save as many details from your sessions.
Your food, your sleep, type of warm up, the temperature of  the water, the depth, the time. all must be logged to become a smarter apneist!

An intermediate freedivers log from a CWT session:

03.05.2012 time 09.15
CWT training in Blue hole, Dahab.

Feeling over all well rested and healthy.
Water temperature 25 – no thermocline
Viisibility good – a bit windy conditions and some waves.
Buddy: Marcus
Mask Aqualung Sphera
3,5mm wetsuit and bi-fins
4kg led on belt
No breakfast – just some water

Warm up
1. Super slow dive to 16m, good equalisation.
2. Dive to 15m – staying there for a bit before coming up. Buddy watching from the surface. Dive time 1.30
3. Target dive to 48m.
Freefall starting at 20m, I kept falling to the side during the freefall I and had to adjust positition by swimming a bit. Equalisation was quite easy until the last 5m where I was feeling empty in the lungs. Had to turn 1-2m before the bottomplate. Fast strong kicks on the ascent, but felt rather lactid on the last 20m. Marcus meeting me at 15m. Clear on the surface and a little tired in the legs. 

Already from this description an experienced freedive coach/instructor would be able to suggest some adjustments on the equipment, style, weighting and also relevant training methods. Do it now – grab a piece of paper (anything) and write down your current numbers, experiences and training methods. Keep adding data from every training session and soon you will be a much smarter freediver. If you haven t got a clue… add data and details anyway, and then show it to someone more experienced than yourself to have his or hers view.

Stay motivated!

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