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Aqualung Sphera - Freedive Station

Aqualung Sphera

Without a doubt the most used freediving mask in the whole freediving world! The Aqualung Sphera mask is comfortable and fits a wide range of faces. The mask is suitable for freediving because of its tight fit, hydrodynamics, low internal volume and flexibility which makes it able to compress a lot with the increasing pressure during a deep dive.

Because of the bended plasticlenses the vision is slightly more distorted than masks with flat lenses and for most freedivers this mask requires some time until your eyes learn how to compensate for that. It is not recommended for spearfishing or underwater photography.

A mask for freediving

For freediving it is a really good mask – and if you are in doubt which freedivemask to choose, a lot of freedivers just simply try this mask bcause its is with this mask that everyone compares other masks.  The mask comes in all kinds of colour combinations (pink, yellow, clear, black, blue, green, red combinations).
Personally I have used this mask a lot. It is still my preferred mask for a lot of purposes and disciplines and I used it when I set a national record in free immersion in 2010 with a dive to 71m done in the Red Sea – see the video below. My deepest dive was with a Sphera was a CWT dive the day after with a dive down to 74m. What I especially enjoyed on this dive was that I saw the sandy bottom (at +100m) when I turned and that I had a good view of the rope and the safetydivers because I used a Sphera mask and not some other solutions that might be more airvolume-economic. Still the vision is not as perfect as diving masks with flat lenses. Therefore I stress that I don´t recommend this mask for spearfishing or underwater photography – other masks are more suitable for that purpose. The Sphera is dedicated freedive mask.

To compensate the mask you loose some air, that cannot be used to compensate the ears. Therefore its crucial to have a mask that do not “steal” too much air. You can also choose to dive without a mask at all, but if you must you use a mask, then Sphera might be a good choice for you. On my deeper dives (+80m) I have used other solutions. More about that elsewhere.


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